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Mechanical watch men


Introducing the Mechanical Watch Men, a beautiful timepiece that exudes sophistication and style. Its mechanical inner workings are crafted with precision and meticulous detail to ensure accurate timekeeping. This premium watch offers an elegant blend of classic design and quality craftsmanship, allowing you to accessorize with confidence.


This watch is automatic mechanical watch. The movement back a rotating pendulum tuo, can be purchased from side to side and immediately after add watch energy, at the same time, it can be manually wound, will walk. Pay attention to the usual swing or less down longer, suggest to manually add energy to wind up. (wind-up operation: upward) turning on the right in the middle of the knob clockwise

 Waterproof: no bathing or swimming

Class: mechanical watch

Size reference: the dial diameter is about 42mm, the band width is about 19mm, the circumference is about 24mm and the thickness is about 14mm. The weight of the watch is about 90G

Package description: single watch

Function description: the watch has a button, pull out the rotation adjustable time

Material: Germany imported manual chain mechanical movement, high quality stainless steel watchband, high strength mineral glass mirror; The watch strap is available in steel or leather.

Warm tips: the appearance of this watch, cost-effective is very high, but the waterproof effect is not high, experts suggest, usually wear to pay attention to maintenance, use to avoid washing soak mechanical watches need to stay away from TV, computer and other magnetic field objects, so as not to be caused by magnetic travel time.



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